Friday, 11 October 2013


Musik korea masih tetap jadi bias gue hingga saat ini. Dan ini adalah list lagu-lagu korea yang enak buat di dengerin... Let's Go..

1. Exo- Growl

Yang pasti gue lagi naksir banget sama ni lagu yang di bawain sama 12 cowok ganteng. Menurut gue enak banget sih di dengerin, ngga terlalu nge beat atau keras nggak terlalu melow juga.

2.  SNSD- Gee 

3.  SNSD- I Got A Boy 

4.  SNSD- The Boys 

5.  SNSD- All My Love Is For You 

6.  SNSD- Time Machine 

7.  SNSD- Tinkerbell 

8.  SNSD- How Great Is Your Love 

9.  TAEYEON SNSD- Missing You Like Crazy (ost. King Heart)

10. TAEYEON SNSD- Closser (ost. to the beautiful you)
11. 4Minute- Creating Love (ost. personal taste)

12. SEOHYUN SNSD- I'll Be Waiting (ost. fashion king)

13. JI SUN- Crazy In Love (ost. Briliant Legacy)

14. Hyuna 4Minute- Bubble Pop

15. Park Boram T'ara- Always (ost. 49 Day) 

16. 2NE1- Lonely

17. 2NE1- Falling In Love

18. 2NE1- I Don't Care

19. 2NE1- I Love You

20. AOA- Love Is Only You

21. TVXQ- She

22. TVXQ- Keep Your Head Down

23. Taeyang Big Bang- Wedding Dress

24. Sistar 19- Ma Boy

25. Lyn- Back In Time (ost. the moon that embraces the sun)

26. Heora- Monlight is Setting (ost. the moon that embraces the sun)

27. Park Eun Woo- Everyday (ost. A gentelmant's dignity)

28. Kyuhyun Suju- Hope is A Dream that Doesn't Sleep (ost. bread love)

29. Kim Soo Hyun- Dreaming (ost. dream high)

30. Byul- I Think I Love You (ost. Full house)

31. Lyn- Geu Deh Ji Geum (ost. Full House)

32. Davichi- Be Warmed

33. Sunny SNSD ft. Luna F(x)- It's Me (ost, to the beautiful you)

34. Onew SHINee- In You Eyes (ost. to the beautiful you)

35. Jessica SNSD ft. Krystal F(x)- Butterfly (ost, to the beautiful you)

36. T-ara- Day By Day

37. Sistar- Lead Me

38. SHINee- Stand By Me (ost. Boys Before Flowers)

39. SHINee- Hello

40. SHINee- Luciffer

41. Baek Ji Young- After a Long Time (ost. roftop prince)

42. Soyu Sistar- Should i Confess (ost. Playfull Kiss)

43. Infinite- Man In Love

44. Infinite H- Special Girl

45. Infinite- Destiny

46. Big Bang- Love Song

47. Big Bang- Fantastic Baby

48. Big Bang- Tonight

49. Younha- I Can't Believe (ost, personal taste)

50. Yesung Suju- It Has To Be You ( ost. cinderella step sister)

51. 9th Street- Without Saying (ost. Your'e Beautiful)

52. Lee Hongki FT Island- Still (ost. Your'e Beautiful)

53. Jang Geun Suk- Tell Me Your Love (ost. Marry Me Mary)

54. Super Junior- Sorry-Sorry

55. Super Junior- Sexy, Free & Single

56. Super Junior- Mr. Simple

57. Super Junior- No Other

58. Super Junior- Walkin

59. Super Junior- Day Dream

60. Super Junior- Memories

61. Super Junior M- Perfection

62. Oon Myung- Why (ost. full house)

63. Jung II Won- Gi Do (prayer) (ost. Endless Love)

64. Jung II Young- Reason (ost. endless love)

65 A & T- My Heart Had A Brain Freeze (ost. boys before flowers)

66. Howl- Love You (ost. boys before flowers)

67. Suh Ji Young- A little (ost. boys before flowers)

68. Ashily- Lucky (ost. boys before flowers)

69. Someday- Do You Know (ost. boys before flowers)

70. SS501- Because I'm Stupid (ost. boys before flowers)

71. TenTop- Miss Right

72. Henry Lau ft Kyuhyun Suju & Taemin Shinee- Trap

73. Boa- Only One

74. Boa- Distance

75. CN Blue- I'm Sorry

76. 2PM- Hand's Up

77. 2PM- I'm Your Man

78. Le Hi- Rose

79. Ailee- Heaven

80. Park Bom 2NE1- Don't Cry

81. Park Bom 2NE1- You and I

82. Juniel- Illa Illa

83. Jonghyun Shinee- So Goodbye (ost. city hunter)

84. 2AM- Like An Idiot (ost. personal taste)

85. Jinwoon& Changmin 2AM- I Can't Love You (ost. dream high)

86. G-NA- Kiss Me (ost. Playfull Kiss)

87. Yonghwa CN Blue- Banmal Song

88. Yonghwa CN Blue- Because I Missed You

89. Kim Bo Kyung- Suddenly (ost. city hunter)

90. Luna & Krystal F(x)- Calling Out (ost. cinderella step sister0

91. Lunafly- How Nice It Woulld Be

92. SNSD- I Want To Dream With You (ost. pasta)

93. SNSD TaTiSeo- Twinkle

94. Yesung Suju- Gray Paper (ost. That winter, the wind blows)

95. Stay- You I am A Fool (ost. Princess Hours)

96. Monday Kiz- Goodbye My Princess (ost. prosecutor princess)

97. 2NE1- I'ts Hurt

98. SNSD- Complete

99. SNSD- Dear Mom

100. Taeyeon SNSD- if

101. Taeyeon & Sunny- I'm Only In Love You

102. Exo- Angel

103. Exo- History

104. Lee Sang Gon- My Love Is Hurt (ost. Gu Family Book)

105. K.Will feat Tiffany SNSD- Girl Meets Love

106. Navi- I Think My Love Is You

107. Seohyun SNSD- It's Okay Even If It Hurs

108. SNSD- Promise

109. SNSD TTS- Baby Step's

110. Taeyeon SNSD- And One (ost. That Winter The Wind Blows)

111. Beast- How To Love

112. Beast- Will You Be Allright

113. CNBlue- Love Revolution

114. CNBlue- I'm a Looner

115. CNBlue- Y,Why

116. CNBlue- The Way One Time

117. Exo- Wolf

118. Exo- Kisses & Hugs

119. Exo- Mama

120. f(x)- Rum Pum Pum Pum

121. f(x)- Electrick Shock

122. Hyorin Sistar- Who You Are To Me

123. SNSD- Genie


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